Jun 28, 2014

8:36 6/27/2014: athletes talk 5

Thanks for the friend who said it was a fun one despite how i felt it was the opposite. 

If it was a race, i was not in good shape to host it. Two social functions after one another, I felt myself really wanting to just retreat to a cave and curl into fetal position.

Plus there were a lot of made-up things running inside my head that i impose on myself, and i'll spare myself from the details.

But on the upside of it, thankful I was able to make the projector work (last time at minglanilla was a fail), and I got to eat at East west with some good friends. #Feelingclose. 

And highlight, it seems a new ❤️❤️❤️ is blossoming! :) 

For next Athletes Talk is july 4 at Chika-an with justin chiongbian and yong larrazabal! :) 

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