Jun 8, 2014

#weareverydaylab: Testing the no-brand-yet sports bra

But for now i call it "everyday lab" because this is an experiment. Though the friend, xtin araneta-enrico, has been in the underwear / lingerie business but this is her first time to focus on sports wear. You can check more of it at

So our first line is this sports bra which she insisted to call it ligh-support bra. The friends who had tried it said that it's pretty much a comfy wear. I guess it has to do because it's "cottony."

So this afternoon, i finally was able to be not lazy, and move my ass to do a very short run around the subdivision and test the sports apparel. :)

So verdict:
* indeed it is comfortable
* but i could not yet say i could use it beyond a 10k run. So it's something i'll test.
* i'll more probably use it on yoga or gym (if ever i could still muster some courage to attack weights and such)
* longevity of the product -- that is something i need to see yet :)

Because i'm now an apparel seller, i guess #selfie & #ootd's are a must:

I wore razorback for the first time to do this. Razorback came from one of those sample shirts we got from shirt suppliers.

No kids around so i have to do my own shooting of my back to display the back look of the sports bra.  
First selfie but I realized the background is "unsocial" messy...
So I rotate for another selfie. Background is still ugly. I gave up!
And, i look old! 

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