Jun 4, 2014


I don't know how to describe this situation but this has been like a dilemma. It's something a balance I need to strike on.

As much as I wanted to just treat the aktib/runroo project as just a mere project but there are times that I need to be hyperfocused and be aggressive on it. With how it's almost just a one-man team show, I just have to help out. And as how much as I want to remove myself from it, I just cannot be watching and do nothing.

And, then I need to pull of myself, and backdown because hey I need to be a "mother," and whatever other marital duties.

So sometimes, I need to play dumb. And, then sometimes I need to act like a rabid dog. It can be dizzying.

So how do those power-dresser  businesswoman-mother posted on magazine covers manage to do it without messing their perfectly-hairblowered hair?

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