May 24, 2011

Carbonara with Feelings

Carbonara or white spaghetti. This one is just based on my instincts. There are a lot of carbonara recipes, and so I just kind of pick a bit of here and there from the many recipes.

Following ingredients are just based on feelings.

500 g pasta (I use Royal, no special reason there.)
Bacon cut to bits / strips (as many as you feel is fitting to your taste)
1 pack evap milk (alaska)
1 pack all-purpose creamer (alaska. But I probably just use half of the pack)
butter (add to taste or if you feel it's enough then enough)

(No special reason on why I chose those brands.)

So after going thru different recipes, I notice that the main star of carbonara is BACON. So I thought that I just have to make sure of the bacon, and the rest will be just add to taste -- feel2x lang.

* Boil pasta
* Anyhoo, cut the bacon to strips. Use a scissor (I have to put this because illiterate cook like me does not have that common sense).
* Cook the bacon (no oil needed. Yes, I need to know that)
* If you feel the bacon is cooked, add the evap milk.
* Then, add the creamer -- do not pour all. Just get a feeling if the taste fits you already.
* If the evap and creamer combo is not enough, then add the butter. I think the butter gives the salty taste. Not the whole butter -- mine was just half an inch thick. But if you want the whole butter then why not.


When served, I just separate the pasta and the sauce and the cheese The eater can do the mixing.

The taste is sooo gooddd... if there's nothing other than the carbonara on the table.

But honestly, the taste is so-so. After eating a lot, you will have that 'pool' feeling. But then, for such a no-brainer kind of cooking -- this will do fine on my standards.


Hotcake or Pancake?

A twist to the instant pancake that is fluffy and soft.

1 Pillsbury (choose the 'Preferred by 7 out of 10 mother')
2 eggs
1/4 cup of oil
1 cup of water
All of the above are ingredients listed on the Pillsbury box
My twist
1 to 2 (depends on how much you like to add but you can start with 1 cup) fresh milk

Mix all ingredients, then simply follow the instructions written on the Pillsbury box.

The only twist I added here is the 1 to 2 cups of Fresh Milk to make the pancake fluffier and softer, which is close to the Jollibee pancake which my kids like and I like. But the taste is just not the same, mine might be better. =)

Anyhoo, if you are confused of how many cups of milk you will add, try 1 cup then on the next you can try 1 and 1/2 and so on.

May 22, 2011

What it takes to do a barbecue party?

1 pack of oling (charcoal in english)
1 kilo of pork from the friendly merkado
1 porky papa
3 porky & non-porky kids doing gymnastics
1 hr of fanning and still no fire
30+ degrees of sun warmness.
Minus the beach.

May 20, 2011

Behavior Differences: Facebook vs Twitter vs Foursquare

Then there's the Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Foursquare angle. Users of the three social networks exhibit different behavior and different buying frequency. Foursquare users visit Tasti D-Lite more often than Twitter users, who visit more often than Facebook users, Emerson says.
"They're more mobile, they're more active," he says of the stores' Foursquare users. "We've got a year of results. For whatever reasons, it's pretty clear these location-based mobile customers are out and about more and visiting more often."
Emerson has also found that Foursquare users are younger and more thrifty than Twitter and Facebook users - meaning they spend less per visit. "The Foursquare people are looking to get a deal. Facebook is going to skew older, and Faceook users spend more than Foursquare users. Twitter is in the middle."
This might not be entirely true, but interesting observation.

May 18, 2011

My Day so Far

Thanks CS for the 'surprise'! Lia for the http// =), orange flowers, recycled balloons. And for the rest for playing along. =)

May 11, 2011

Product Parenting

Product Parenting
Shipping release 1.0 is a lot like the birth of a new baby:  Lots and lots of pain, followed by a brief period of pure happiness, and then no sleep for quite a while.
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May 8, 2011

happy mother's day ever day

No whining on this post. I was about to whine with migi leaving the house again today to stay with at the MIL's place. He's probably bored to death with this pseudo suburban life where all the kids in the neighborhood have some kind of a strict schedule of socializing and not, of having too polite neighjborhood kids. Nyay, I just whine.

I guess every mother feels lucky with their kids. And, I'm no exception. I feel too blessed to have the most wonderful kids, far from perfect but I won't have them in any other way.

Migi is prolly the most unfeeling/emotionless boy. I won't ever receive a mother's day card from him. I'll probably the last person in his priority list. And, when he's big and grown, he'd probably just come home when he's broke, and homeless. But that's what mothers are for, or maybe just for me. :)

Meg is the annoying, attention-seeker Meg. She's the type of person who always has a say on something, and is not shy from talking back that might come out as being impolite. But then that's what make her Meg, it's probably a sin to change her or any person for that matter. And I guess that's what mothers are for, to be the person where a kid can be who / what she is with - the ugly and the beautiful, especially the ugly.

Mati plays with toy cars and guns, and so with barbies / tinkerbells / cooking mama on DS. He probably got all the lacking emotions of Migi. And, as such he gets all the attention Meg is seeking. I guess of the 3, he's the closest to a poster model kid that I can have. But then I don't like that. All kids deserve to be more than just tailored from what are described in the magazines.

So yes, I do have a happy mother's day every day. And, I guess so the rest of the mothers.

May 7, 2011

It's a mother thing #x

Mark: Dili sa lagi magtan-aw TV.
Meg: Lagi. Gunitan ra man nako remote. Wa man nako tusloka. Blah blah blah blah blah

Meg is such a blahblahblah

Boyfriend #2 comes home

Migi's been away from home for almost 2 weeks. Not really away like very far away. He's staying at MIL's house.

He doesn't miss us. :) I can just imagine 6 years from now, he'll be totally on his own. Time flies so fast.

May 6, 2011

Philippines Is Part of Top 10 Countries of Twitter Users But Not inLinkedin -- shows our priorities?

Here are Top 10 Countries in Internet Penetration for and by Reach (%)
LinkedInReach (%)TwitterReach (%)
1. Netherlands26.1%1. Netherlands26.8%
2. Ireland21.0%2. Japan26.6%
3. United States17.6%3. Brazil23.7%
4. Canada15.6%4. Indonesia22.0%
5. United Kingdom14.9%5. Venezuela21.0%
6. Denmark14.4%6. Canada18.0%
7. Australia13.1%7. Argentina18.0%
8. New Zealand12.9%8. Turkey16.6%
9. Belgium12.6%9. Philippines16.1%
10. Singapore12.0%10. Singapore16.0%

Americans are More Addicted to LinkedIn than Twitter (STUDY)
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May 5, 2011

Summer Fashio: The Hoodie & The Trunks

My kids' fashion tastes:
Mati in a jacket & trunks
Meg in a hoodie.
It's summer time, and they're off to a Cathechism class.

May 3, 2011


I like being busy. But I think I have too many things to do, it's no longer funny.

* there's a new work which requires much time coz i'm still learning
* then the ideatoki gets a client like real client to which my part is the online social churva marketing. And all those things are new to me. What do i know about marketing. But i'm not supposed to say that because i'm selling myself that i know about it.
* the testing with globelabs api for @tweetitow. i really do not do the hard labor but entertaining the different 'help, Ate. Paano na ang tweet ko ni aaron villaflor?' is so time consuming.
* and my 101 blogs. Girls can not have too many shoes, and so I with blogs.

I'm going crazy. Where should I insert my kids, my mother? Not the husband - he's at fault with a few of those. And oh self, don't bother.

The Game is Afoot - 4 stages of product life cycle

The Game is Afoot
Marketing teaches us that the life cycle of a product has four stages, each of which corresponds to one group of people in the market:
Early Adopters are risk takers who actually like to try new things.
Pragmatists might be willing to use new technology, if it???s the only way to get their problem solved.
Conservatives dislike new technology and try to avoid it.
Laggards pride themselves on the fact that they are the last to try anything new.
Each stage is very different from the others.  Your ISV might be very successful selling products to Early Adopters, but that doesn???t mean you will have any success at all selling stuff to the Pragmatists.  These are two entirely different groups of customers and reaching them requires entirely different skills.
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Me wonders which stage belongs most of the @tweetitow community.
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