May 24, 2011

Carbonara with Feelings

Carbonara or white spaghetti. This one is just based on my instincts. There are a lot of carbonara recipes, and so I just kind of pick a bit of here and there from the many recipes.

Following ingredients are just based on feelings.

500 g pasta (I use Royal, no special reason there.)
Bacon cut to bits / strips (as many as you feel is fitting to your taste)
1 pack evap milk (alaska)
1 pack all-purpose creamer (alaska. But I probably just use half of the pack)
butter (add to taste or if you feel it's enough then enough)

(No special reason on why I chose those brands.)

So after going thru different recipes, I notice that the main star of carbonara is BACON. So I thought that I just have to make sure of the bacon, and the rest will be just add to taste -- feel2x lang.

* Boil pasta
* Anyhoo, cut the bacon to strips. Use a scissor (I have to put this because illiterate cook like me does not have that common sense).
* Cook the bacon (no oil needed. Yes, I need to know that)
* If you feel the bacon is cooked, add the evap milk.
* Then, add the creamer -- do not pour all. Just get a feeling if the taste fits you already.
* If the evap and creamer combo is not enough, then add the butter. I think the butter gives the salty taste. Not the whole butter -- mine was just half an inch thick. But if you want the whole butter then why not.


When served, I just separate the pasta and the sauce and the cheese The eater can do the mixing.

The taste is sooo gooddd... if there's nothing other than the carbonara on the table.

But honestly, the taste is so-so. After eating a lot, you will have that 'pool' feeling. But then, for such a no-brainer kind of cooking -- this will do fine on my standards.



Alvin Dy said...

ako ni itry ha... hahahahaha

rose buenconsejo said...

welcome to my kitchenomess club =)