Jun 2, 2011

hello there, self.

I'm happy I feel I'm back to the groove (whatever that means). Last week 'til yesterday, which got worse because wordpress suspended my account for i-dunno reason (but it's back now). You know that feeling that in this world, I'm just really just a speck of a dust (horton). I felt tired like can I just sleep the whole time. Probably that's what you call burn-out. But I don't believe in burn-out. Burn-out is just an excuse by the people who are just too lazy to know life. I's just tired.

I felt I'd rather die already -- there are too many things I want to do but then I'd know there's no way I can do them in this life time and so I'd see no sense in living anymore. My thoughts can really be crazy but I'm no stupid. =)))

So where was I? It's June. It's school time again.

The school dues are paid, new set of uniforms, new set of books. Just a few missing pieces.

Migi will be grade 1. What happen? I already have a grader. And, aside that it's telling me I'm getting old, I'm not really happy thinking about him being in school whole day. You know, grade 1 = whole day in school. I worried how his ADD self can take being in 1 room whole day for 10 months x manymanymany years of that. I worry how he needs to undo all of the strict routinary life when he gets to the real world.

Looking back at it, can you imagine how we survive being confined in a classroom for almost 8 hours a day for 20 years of our life? All for??? See. See. See.

There again my being pilosopo. Mute.

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