Jun 18, 2011

business of software will still be a long way

It just makes me wonder why in Cebu, Philippines, it’s easy to put up a resto business but not a software business. We’ll just put up a little BBQ stall, & people will never miss it. It might not be a hit but you will never be zeroed.
And, I thought that because:
  • we have a population of food consumers, but not much of web / app consumers. It goes both ways. Web / tech consumerism has just started. So it will be probably take more time that we can all internalize it, and then these web consumers will become creators. Just like we eat too much lechon, that creating a business out of it will not be much of a struggle.
  • the web / app consumers are the younger gens which do not have much buying power. So we probably have to wait for them until they can afford and sell software to them. The older gens are still ‘hardware’ era – it’s about LCD tv and stereo.
And oh my food has arrived. But basically that’s the thought.

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