Jan 30, 2007

promil kid

when i was a first time mother, when i only had migi yet, i was so
conscious about child's developmental milestones. i used to check, and lots of other baby websites plus those mommy blogs everyday so i would know what should be my kid like at this age, what i should do blahblah. But after some time, when i had my 2nd baby, i became relax and i stopped this habit. i realized that somehow all the websites' contents are the same. and, most of all i was tired... tired of feeling a bit disappointed every time i see some milestones not found in my kid. though they always have this note at the end that says something like, 'every child is different and will go at their own pace blahblahblah.' but it's not much comforting to me. 

anyhoo, i forgot about it and just enjoy everything or was i too occupied with 2 kids that i no longer bother about it.

but now, seeing other kids at his age or younger, reciting ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, body parts with ace or hearing from other mothers that their kids can do this and that, and here i have a
2-year-old-and-6-month boy who insists that bird is a monkey, and A is either B or C, and boomtarattarat is like his twinkle2x little star, i'm somehow alarmed! my dream of having a genius kid is shattered.

for the past few days, this has been what's in my mind. should i start buying all those educational stuffs CDs and books and whatnots? should i sit down with him and feed him with ABCs, numbers, shapes, solar system, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, brain system, and chemical elements? 

but my laziness rules, i gave up. kids will only be kids for some time, so i'll enjoy this stage, and so he is! i'd leave those educational chuchu to the experts -- schools and teachers. for now, he can have the birds as monkeys, and boomtarat as his national anthem.

Jan 29, 2007


after our CR being stucked up, it's now our kitchen sink's and bath area's drainage is acting up. The water from the sink would come out in our bathroom. We now have a mini pool in our bathroom -- its water comes from our kitchen sink and God knows where. Eeeewwww.... major grossness?! Yes, it is. I can stand other parts of the house being such a mess but not the CR/bathroom.

Right now, I/we enjoy taking our baths outside, at the back of our house with all the sun/moon and wind. Except for Mark who opted doing it at their office.

I'm ready to abandon this place. Really, I hope someone will come over here tomorrow to fix this.

Maybe you have some plumber to recommend.

Jan 26, 2007

My Litow Baller

It's time to go home and he won't get away from the billiard table. The threat did not work -- we got all inside the car and Mark let the car run to show him that we're leaving him but he was all dedma. I had to drag him away from the billiard table so we could go home. Will it be like this like 12 years after --- Me always going to the principal's office because migi always present... sa billiaran? =( Scary. At least it's not illegal drugs (God forbid!)...

Jan 24, 2007

1st Quarter/decisions/plans

I realized that since we get married, major events/decision usually happens on the 1st quarter of the year. I don't know, maybe because it's start of the year.

Married in March
Quitting-jobs time
and, get-into-another-job/venture time

There are a lot of things in my mind right now.

1. mark's job - it's too complicated to explain. =) it's not that interesting anyway.
2. insurance plans/whatever plans - we don't have educational plans. mark thinks it's not that practical. intelligent genes come from the mother accdg to Ms. G. so right now, i'll just trust my genes!
3. how to get a house of our own - very very big question!!! i lived in a boarding house for more than 10 years. i can rent forever -- i find it to be less hassle, you can just move out when you no longer like it and if any thing goes wrong, it's tenant's probs. but society's norm, somehow we need to work on this.
4. depreciating car value - to let go or not
5. kid's schooling - migi will be 3 this year. mothers are the best teachers as they said. but it just does not apply to me and my kids. migi tends to not like to be taught and corrected. if you said it's a bird, he'd insist that it's a monkey. i think it's better to have a real teacher deal with that.
            - private or public schooling? i'm 100% publicly schooled but the 'sosyalera/gretchen-wannabe' of me wants to have my kids go to some school that has saint/academy/development center/international sounding/whatever on its name. =)

But all of these depends on number 1. =(

I realized that as we go along in married life, it does get a bit complicated unless I'm Gretchen Barreto. But it needs to or else it will be boring.

KKK (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
KKK was still showing in SM so I insisted on watching it. The movie was light and funny and modern(?) -- enough said.

I'm no good at fashion but I just cannot get over Judy Ann's outfits in the movie-- the long curly hair (obviously, they're extenders) which looks so big, the big eyeglasses (I mean the trendy one), plus she always has this big dangling earrings. Big hair, big eyeglasses, big earrings -- they occupy too much of her face! And her clothes/outfits are so colorful, those kind of outfits highschool/college kids wear to malls/outings -- I mean it's crying out loud JOLINA MAGDANGAL!

And, they're trying so much to show that Judy Ann is now sexy -- yes, I/we get it that she's already slim (slim like ryan agoncillo) but they don't need to like emphasize it that she has to wear skimpy dresses the whole movie except when she was pregnant though.

I also find Judy Ann's acting in some scenes OA.

But Ryan Agoncillo is really a cuteeee!

Anyway, let's support the Philippine film industry -- go and watch it! =)


I bought again new eyeglass frame because the last pair was broke... again. This is my third pair in a year. Because my kids' hands always finds a way to them. GGrrrrr! I decided to get contact lens -- of course, they will no longer play with it, me think. For trial purposes, as this will be my first time, I was thinking of  getting that 1-month disposable contacts. But the salesperson said I should have my eyes checked again. There's few customers and I'm getting impatient so was never able to get the contacts.

Contacts or Spectacles when you have kids? Any contact lens brand you can recommend?

Jan 22, 2007


I'm praying we (mostly mark's) are making the right decision. When you have kids, your decisions are no longer about you. There's not much room for uncertainties and taking risks.

Bahala na si Lord!

Take all those plunges while you can. =)

Jan 18, 2007

Sinulog kang lolo kini

For the last 3 years, we did not get to enjoy much Sinulog because I was pregnant, then migi was just months old and I was pregnant again, then migi was 1 year old already but meg was just months old. But now they're both toddlers, we're planning to go out and see Sinulog. I think they can now appreciate this kind of event -- bright colors, the festive atmosphere. Looking forward to it. Though I have no idea  how we're going to squeeze into the crowd with 2 kids. Maybe we'll just settle for the fireworks in Ayala later at night.

Mmmmm... I really don't know but by hook or by crook, we're going out. I'm gonna buy those 'pito,' necklace with Sto. Niño on it, hat with the design, whatever sinulog knick knacks and put them all on my kids. And, even those fake tattoos!

PIT SEÑOR!!! I just luurrrvvveeee CEBU! Doncha?

Jan 17, 2007


I super badly want to watch KKK in a moviehouse (I mean moviehouse like ayala or sm -- not movie in the house). I'm a big sucker for tagalog love story movies. I asked Mark many times but he always has these million excuses.

The last movie I saw in a moviehouse was War of the Worlds. I'm so ancient history. And, I did not like the movie.

KKK is now only showing in SM. But I want to watch movies in Ayala. Because Ayala has Taters. Aawww...

Jan 16, 2007

ASEAN Sweetheart 4u

Her message to you: Hope you'll accept of what I am. Base on my standard of living hope you considered it.
Sports and Hobbies: Being homebody, I like doing household chores, cooking, reading, gardening, listening mellow music.
Self Description: I have brown complexion, my hair is below shoulder, simple yet etc.I hope to meet: I want a penpal who can accept me, love me and honest with me, 20 to 87 years old.
(I was cleaning up the closet when I found this. Pang penpal ad kaayo.)

Jan 15, 2007

i need you back

I need Globelines Broadband to be back in shape more than my body. I'm so tired of switching from one IP to another just to stay connected. This has been like this since the earthquake in Taiwan -- they said there are 6 or 7 cables broke, and it needs 6 weeks for 1 cable to be fixed.

Anyhoo, is this connection problem of Globe still due to that earthquake?!? can be... =( huhuhuhu

Jan 13, 2007

First Choice

When I filled out the UPCAT form way back in high school, my first choice was BS Math ComSci. Math because I'm not good at it but I can survive it. ComSci because it was at that time that I started to get hook to the wonders of internet and thought it's cool.

But college enrolment time came, I changed my mind and got myself into BM instead, the most sold out course in UP Cebu. Because I realized ComSci is not my thing as I was so bad with computer subject in high school. I think 4th year, we had Clipper and all I can remember now is Van Patiluna. Why BM? Because most of my highschool classmates/friends were there. Anyhow, I shifted to Psychology in 2nd year or 2nd sem 1st year because I felt BM is too crowded. Yay, my bases for my decisions were shallow. =(

Mark was Math ComSci then shifted to ComSci because he failed 'higher' math. Then, he dropped out.

Lesson of the story is my first choice was Math ComSci and Mark was Math ComSci. Math ComSci was really meant for me after all. =) I just hope he won't drop out from me.

How about you, what's your first choices?

green joke

Which is worse -- menopause or pregnant again?!? This is the question that pop ups my mind every time I'm delayed.

(Please, it's not what you think.)

Jan 12, 2007

Suave Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo

I'm bored using just soap as shampoo for my kids. So I bought this because I love the smell. But I think the smell caused Meg's cold/allergy so I stop using it on them.

Anyhow, I end up using it. And, I love it!

Jan 6, 2007

from the bottom of my heart

Christmas is over, and now it's new year, and all I've done lately is whine. I really want to whine right now but instead I look at the brighter side and count my blessings.

Dear, Lord.

Thank you very much for all the blessings and a wonderful year 2006. Thank you very much for

* Migi and Meg -- though most of the time they're such a PITA, and many times I think of dropping them at Asilo but at the end of the day, looking at them sleep peacefully really really melts my heart. And, makes me wonder if I'm worthy enough to have them. Behind their naughtiness, wild antics, stressfull attitudes are really sweet only-wanting-to-be-loved kiddos.
* Mark -- though he's the most insensitive person in the world and his fathering skill is extra frustrating (as if my mothering skill is flawless), he certainly has a very generous heart not only for us but also for other people.
* My Friends -- who never fail to keep in touch with me despite my being always out of reach.
* Mark's Friends -- yes, he has friends, real true friends.
* Ate Mona and Ate Love -- though they're far from being perfect but
they certainly have a big heart for my kids. I can feel that they
treat my kids as their own, and they have far more patience for our
kids than us. We certainly go crazy without them.
* Wonderful Support Group -- our neighbors/relatives who we can bug any time. Now I understand why Mark wants to stay close to his home.
* Carlo and Mia -- my kids' playmates and cousins. the Barney fans club. the constant targets of migi's short-temperedness. despite that, they still warmly welcome migi and meg.
* My Work -- nuff said about this.
* Mark's Work -- though it's getting most of his time but at least he's enjoying it. And, it provides us with our needs plus our little wants -- like be able to eat at Jollibee/McDo twice a month. =)
* Little troubles thrown our way which makes us better persons and gave us wider perspective about life and such.
* Support and guidance in all the tasks and leaps we made.

Also thank you for other things I failed to mention.

and, thank you also for Multiply where I can endlessly whine about my teenage angst.



Jan 4, 2007

back to reality...

another whining story of my life...

Today is my first day at work after my 1 1/2 week vacation (vacation from work not from motherhood.), and I'm loathing it with all my heart. But, thinking of 3 cans of milk (1.8kg) a week, I have not much choice. Three cans is like P2500/week x 4 is P10,000/month excluding diapers, vitamins, pedia visits + immunizations, helps, baby foods, and whatever knicknacks for the kids. And, how about when they start schooling?!? So there's no way my resignation letter will be submitted!

Anyhoo, I'm so thankful that I have a job to whine about and loathe. I'm blessed afterall.

So for those who think having kids is easy (like me), go and multiply because misery loves company! I'd really love a company!


(milk monsters)

Jan 3, 2007

This used to be my playground...

At the back of our house is Badian National High School where my nanay used to teach. She'd usually tagged me along where my childhood waking hours were spent in this place with my playmates. The open space was our babysitter.

climb all trees
swimming and fishing in irrigation
run-play-run-hide-and-seek rain or shine
roll over the grass/leaves/yuta
scream our hearts out
fight over games

Jan 2, 2007

My litow backpacker

Milk can't wait... Librando bus terminal, waiting for our ride.

on the road to the beach...

tired... going home...

Goldilocks Choco Sansrival (sp?)

First few bites is good. One slice is too much - soooo sweettt! As in tam-is ra jud sya. Nadani ra jud ko ni Kris Aquino.

The one from Red Ribbon, their new one, is better.

cat's eyes/mulan

I'm amazed with Meg's eyes in this pic -- mura triangle iya pupil, mura miming.

Many times I've been asked if my husband is chinese/intsik, hapon, and, even one time, korean because of my kids chinky eyes, especially Meg's. As Migi grows bigger does his eyes too so he's not that intsik looking na jud. But Meg is medyo chinita jud. I don't know where they get it, no traces of Chineseness or haponness/koreanness in both sides, not even Chinese-sounding last names -- Soriano-Tabanao, Semblante-Buenconsejo.