Jan 2, 2007

cat's eyes/mulan

I'm amazed with Meg's eyes in this pic -- mura triangle iya pupil, mura miming.

Many times I've been asked if my husband is chinese/intsik, hapon, and, even one time, korean because of my kids chinky eyes, especially Meg's. As Migi grows bigger does his eyes too so he's not that intsik looking na jud. But Meg is medyo chinita jud. I don't know where they get it, no traces of Chineseness or haponness/koreanness in both sides, not even Chinese-sounding last names -- Soriano-Tabanao, Semblante-Buenconsejo.


nina lorraine said...

hehehe btaw.. almond shaped eyes..;)
ikaw man rosee.. insikon man ka..;)

in flowerchild said...

your lile girl looks like you. you're a bit chinita if you take off that thick glasses of yours. so i know where they get their eyes from....otherwise..sino ang tatay ng mga anak mo?sino ha? :).

nina lorraine said...

at nagtagalog ka? tagalog ka na pala ? ha?
your crazy beth! hahaha =p

in flowerchild said...

Haha. I heared that from my brother Eric's adult ring tone, where the granny sexually ravished this boy and asked him between orgasmic gasp "sino ang nanay mo, sino ang nanay mo!"

rose buenconsejo said...

nins, imo nya babies kay mga intsik jud! =)

feeling chinita na ko! =)