Jan 24, 2007


I bought again new eyeglass frame because the last pair was broke... again. This is my third pair in a year. Because my kids' hands always finds a way to them. GGrrrrr! I decided to get contact lens -- of course, they will no longer play with it, me think. For trial purposes, as this will be my first time, I was thinking of  getting that 1-month disposable contacts. But the salesperson said I should have my eyes checked again. There's few customers and I'm getting impatient so was never able to get the contacts.

Contacts or Spectacles when you have kids? Any contact lens brand you can recommend?


Therese Habana said...

i say contacts! im using acuvue clear for astigmatism. it's better if you use the disposables one for hygeine purposes. there are disposables good for one month's use.

my specs now greatly needs a major overhaul. the lens are scratched, the frame doesn't fit anymore. akio can't get his hands off of my glasses.

rose buenconsejo said...

naa kaha ng acuvue dri noh? wa man ka mention tong salesperson og acuevue. i'll check other shops daw. mao sad na advice ato ako kaila, mas hygeinic daw ang disposable.

d man ta ko gnahan mag contacs ky hasolan ko pero gasto au cge palit eyeglasses. as in bag-o pa kaayo to ako last. nakit-an na lng nako si meg nga lipay au nagdala sa akong naputol nga eyeglasses -- wa ko kbawo unsa ako buhaton! my heart silently cried na lng. heheheh

Therese Habana said...

try durasoft, mao to ako gamit sa una. nakasuway sad ko ug focus.

mimi herrera villaruel said...

hi rose. yes, nay acuvue diri. my sis uses acuvue contacts, she buys from ayala. di lang ko sure which shop but i think perez optical or EO.