Jan 24, 2007

KKK (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
KKK was still showing in SM so I insisted on watching it. The movie was light and funny and modern(?) -- enough said.

I'm no good at fashion but I just cannot get over Judy Ann's outfits in the movie-- the long curly hair (obviously, they're extenders) which looks so big, the big eyeglasses (I mean the trendy one), plus she always has this big dangling earrings. Big hair, big eyeglasses, big earrings -- they occupy too much of her face! And her clothes/outfits are so colorful, those kind of outfits highschool/college kids wear to malls/outings -- I mean it's crying out loud JOLINA MAGDANGAL!

And, they're trying so much to show that Judy Ann is now sexy -- yes, I/we get it that she's already slim (slim like ryan agoncillo) but they don't need to like emphasize it that she has to wear skimpy dresses the whole movie except when she was pregnant though.

I also find Judy Ann's acting in some scenes OA.

But Ryan Agoncillo is really a cuteeee!

Anyway, let's support the Philippine film industry -- go and watch it! =)


nina lorraine said...

hahaha now i want to watch even more.. =p rose? commenting on fashion? hmm i just have to see that movie for myself..;)

rose buenconsejo said...

let me know what you think. =) so i'd know if pwede na ba ko mag fashion police. =)

jen cabucos said...

ganahan ta ko tan-aw rose kaso ma-insecure nya ko ni judy ann...waaaaah! dili jud ko ka get over na cla na ni ryan ai...lucky judy ann...=(