Jan 24, 2007

1st Quarter/decisions/plans

I realized that since we get married, major events/decision usually happens on the 1st quarter of the year. I don't know, maybe because it's start of the year.

Married in March
Quitting-jobs time
and, get-into-another-job/venture time

There are a lot of things in my mind right now.

1. mark's job - it's too complicated to explain. =) it's not that interesting anyway.
2. insurance plans/whatever plans - we don't have educational plans. mark thinks it's not that practical. intelligent genes come from the mother accdg to Ms. G. so right now, i'll just trust my genes!
3. how to get a house of our own - very very big question!!! i lived in a boarding house for more than 10 years. i can rent forever -- i find it to be less hassle, you can just move out when you no longer like it and if any thing goes wrong, it's tenant's probs. but society's norm, somehow we need to work on this.
4. depreciating car value - to let go or not
5. kid's schooling - migi will be 3 this year. mothers are the best teachers as they said. but it just does not apply to me and my kids. migi tends to not like to be taught and corrected. if you said it's a bird, he'd insist that it's a monkey. i think it's better to have a real teacher deal with that.
            - private or public schooling? i'm 100% publicly schooled but the 'sosyalera/gretchen-wannabe' of me wants to have my kids go to some school that has saint/academy/development center/international sounding/whatever on its name. =)

But all of these depends on number 1. =(

I realized that as we go along in married life, it does get a bit complicated unless I'm Gretchen Barreto. But it needs to or else it will be boring.

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