Jan 6, 2007

from the bottom of my heart

Christmas is over, and now it's new year, and all I've done lately is whine. I really want to whine right now but instead I look at the brighter side and count my blessings.

Dear, Lord.

Thank you very much for all the blessings and a wonderful year 2006. Thank you very much for

* Migi and Meg -- though most of the time they're such a PITA, and many times I think of dropping them at Asilo but at the end of the day, looking at them sleep peacefully really really melts my heart. And, makes me wonder if I'm worthy enough to have them. Behind their naughtiness, wild antics, stressfull attitudes are really sweet only-wanting-to-be-loved kiddos.
* Mark -- though he's the most insensitive person in the world and his fathering skill is extra frustrating (as if my mothering skill is flawless), he certainly has a very generous heart not only for us but also for other people.
* My Friends -- who never fail to keep in touch with me despite my being always out of reach.
* Mark's Friends -- yes, he has friends, real true friends.
* Ate Mona and Ate Love -- though they're far from being perfect but
they certainly have a big heart for my kids. I can feel that they
treat my kids as their own, and they have far more patience for our
kids than us. We certainly go crazy without them.
* Wonderful Support Group -- our neighbors/relatives who we can bug any time. Now I understand why Mark wants to stay close to his home.
* Carlo and Mia -- my kids' playmates and cousins. the Barney fans club. the constant targets of migi's short-temperedness. despite that, they still warmly welcome migi and meg.
* My Work -- nuff said about this.
* Mark's Work -- though it's getting most of his time but at least he's enjoying it. And, it provides us with our needs plus our little wants -- like be able to eat at Jollibee/McDo twice a month. =)
* Little troubles thrown our way which makes us better persons and gave us wider perspective about life and such.
* Support and guidance in all the tasks and leaps we made.

Also thank you for other things I failed to mention.

and, thank you also for Multiply where I can endlessly whine about my teenage angst.




Therese Habana said...

kenkoy nimo rose uy! it's good that we stop and thank for the blessings that we have. we may complain a lot, but complain with a grateful heart hahaha! i'm not sure if i'm making sense =P

nina lorraine said...

teenage??? hahaha
life maybe be stressful at times but being hopeful and positive really helps.. =)