Jan 30, 2007

promil kid

when i was a first time mother, when i only had migi yet, i was so
conscious about child's developmental milestones. i used to check, and lots of other baby websites plus those mommy blogs everyday so i would know what should be my kid like at this age, what i should do blahblah. But after some time, when i had my 2nd baby, i became relax and i stopped this habit. i realized that somehow all the websites' contents are the same. and, most of all i was tired... tired of feeling a bit disappointed every time i see some milestones not found in my kid. though they always have this note at the end that says something like, 'every child is different and will go at their own pace blahblahblah.' but it's not much comforting to me. 

anyhoo, i forgot about it and just enjoy everything or was i too occupied with 2 kids that i no longer bother about it.

but now, seeing other kids at his age or younger, reciting ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, body parts with ace or hearing from other mothers that their kids can do this and that, and here i have a
2-year-old-and-6-month boy who insists that bird is a monkey, and A is either B or C, and boomtarattarat is like his twinkle2x little star, i'm somehow alarmed! my dream of having a genius kid is shattered.

for the past few days, this has been what's in my mind. should i start buying all those educational stuffs CDs and books and whatnots? should i sit down with him and feed him with ABCs, numbers, shapes, solar system, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, brain system, and chemical elements? 

but my laziness rules, i gave up. kids will only be kids for some time, so i'll enjoy this stage, and so he is! i'd leave those educational chuchu to the experts -- schools and teachers. for now, he can have the birds as monkeys, and boomtarat as his national anthem.


mimi herrera villaruel said...

funny gyud ka rose uy.

kaarte na gud aning atong site :)

불사하는 펜 said...

but i bet they have your brainy uy...i think you don't need to force feed them intellectually...the genes will show themselves in time...hehehe...salute baya ko nimo...gifted child!!! =D