Jan 29, 2007


after our CR being stucked up, it's now our kitchen sink's and bath area's drainage is acting up. The water from the sink would come out in our bathroom. We now have a mini pool in our bathroom -- its water comes from our kitchen sink and God knows where. Eeeewwww.... major grossness?! Yes, it is. I can stand other parts of the house being such a mess but not the CR/bathroom.

Right now, I/we enjoy taking our baths outside, at the back of our house with all the sun/moon and wind. Except for Mark who opted doing it at their office.

I'm ready to abandon this place. Really, I hope someone will come over here tomorrow to fix this.

Maybe you have some plumber to recommend.


Therese Habana said...

apartment na? if apartment balhin na lang mo.

rose buenconsejo said...

yep. been here for almost 3 years... i hope it's that easy though. =) arggghhh...

Therese Habana said...

uy cute lagi ni imong site rose! asta ang font!!!

rose buenconsejo said...

kinopya ra ni nako from =)

nina lorraine said...

hala.. balhin na mo rosee oi.. asa diay dapita work si Mark? Naa nindot na apartments sa may opao. Didto puyo si Eric before. bacn interested ka.
unsaon pagchange sa themes?

rose buenconsejo said...

nah, di lagi molayo si mark sa ila. =( and, i'm used to the comfort na sad of having his relatives around.

to change theme, naa ra may instructions sa pero usually, ang step is:
click Customize Site > Choose a Theme, after u saved a theme,
click na sad nimo ang Customize Site > Custom CSS. then paste nimo ang CSS. viola!