Nov 25, 2004


the most innovative product made in the philippines for babies. but, i'm not pretty sure with this statement. though i've seen different versions and brands on the net but i don't think they're available here in philippines. only this chino pino.

chino pino is a reusable/cloth diaper. it works like the good old "lampin" however with a twist on it. it is shaped like those of disposable diapers. so it's pretty easy to use it. goodbye to not-so-safety safety pins becuase it has velcro on it. and, it made changing diaper task so easy and so fast!!!

this is very good especially if you have very "kiat" babies!

the one in the picture is not a chino pino. however, that's how a chino pino looks and function like .

PS: my diaper story here, .

for those who ask, I find Chino Pino in all leading department stores here in Cebu -- SM, Rustans, Gaisano.

a good source for cloth vs disposable diaper:


a lot of my friends told me that huggies is no good and don't even try it. i even come across a review that it's the worst diaper of the year. but still i find a lot of good reviews regarding huggies product.

since i get bored with the pampers diaper, i bought a small pack of HUGGIES OVERNITE. note that huggies comes in different variants (i already forgot their different names). well, i opted to buy the most expensive so i chose the huggies overnite.

aesthetically, i like it because it has drawings all over. well, i guess that's the only thing what i like about the product. it does it work however, it tends to leak in the long run especially when it is pooed.

following are what i don't like about it:
1. the feel is so plastic
2. it's not so breathable especially on the waistband part, so baby would get hot and sweaty. - this is what really turns me off with this product
3. as i mentioned before, it's chances of leaking is high
4. it's so expensive, i think it's more expensive than my all-time favorite diaper pampers baby dry.


aesthetically, i really like drypers - i like the drawings and all. but it also does its work! its performance can level with pampers baby dry. however, along the run, it gets and looks so bulky. oh well, all diapers gets bulky when filled up with weewee.

i also like its feel - the whole thing feels cottony. and it has some aloe vera - though i don't know if the aloe vera thing really works.

compare to pampers comfort, it's more expensive. however compare to pampers baby dry, it is also cheaper.


my manito is JUNICO ARANCO! =)))

i don't like it much when i get to pick a boy. because it's just so hard to get a gift for them plus boy stuffs can be more expensive. i definitely can't afford some cd games, computer accessories, or car accessories.

some gift ideas for junico:

1. comb
2. cap
3. scented candles?

by the way the budget is P100.00. how's that?


about the COMB

i googled about comb and here's what i found:

"There's only one touch-up tool that a man with class should shove in his back pocket, and that's a comb." (source:,2823,s1-7-0-0-636,00.html)

it made me think that comb is the perfect gift. a nice one it should be!

metal comb (picture) for $ 10.00. sheesshhh, roughly P500. you think scented candle is a better idea? =)))

my not-so-lucky-day YeStErDaY

i broke the rice cooker's glass cover in the morning. my right flipflop sandals split into two.

i don't mind the rice cooker because we got 6 rice cookers as wedding gifts, but damn my flipflops - it's the only close-to-decent pair of footwear i have these days. and, i don't really find it owkei because i'm broke. i can't afford for something new!

and just this morning, i destroyed my baby's week-old toy, that play gym. sheesshhh, i'm a jinx! oh well, mishaps could mean good fortune! =)))

Nov 24, 2004


after searching for good disposable diaper, i finally settle with pampers baby dry. please don't confuse it with pampers comfort. well, both of them are good. however, i prefer pampers baby dry, one is its velcro tape and it's really dependable for overnights. and, i find the elephant/koala on the waistband cuter than of the pampers comfort. it also has a better smell. =))) i hope we could have here in the philippines those pamper diapers with colorful illustrations on it. they are so plain looking, it gets me bored. but, still, i love pampers baby dry!

by the way, i get to do some groceries in country mall and they already have a new pampers baby with illustrations on it. so i grab a pack!

my debut on writing

thanks to and chay (on the pic i stole from her friendster), i finally found the best place where i could display my writing skills. but what i mean by writing is literally writing, like writing a grocery list, writing an email, writing answers to exams... so don't expect much literary skills or some artistry on my writings. and expect WRONG SPELLINGS, GRAMMARS, SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION, or whatever technical term for those.

as far as my writing career, my early stints on it was way back in my student life - like answering essay questions during exam. by the way, i'm a psych graduate so i was used to answering essay exams, and there's a true or false exams where you have to explain your answer and even the multiple choices (weird teachers! can't they be more kind?). that's all i can say about my writing experience.

by the way, i'll try my best not to use txt words (you know the short cut like, r u ok?), i'm fond of it.

now, i can't think of any thing to write. 'til my next entry, i'll try my best to make it a little bitlonger, meatier and more sensible.

by the way, watch out for my photos. i have a feeling that i'm better at photo journal. i need to have visual aids to get the words out of my mouth.

hi reynold! don't forget to post my excerpts on my coming book! and, thanks for playing the song i like while finishing this entry. i miss you by boyz2men. i'll post reynold's pic later so you'll have an diea how he looks.

Nov 22, 2004


waaahhh! m now a certified sossy blogger girl! don't u think i'm hi-tech!

ay watever! can't really think of something to blog...

just carried away with reading blogs, blog hopping in between work! heheheh...