Nov 24, 2004

my debut on writing

thanks to and chay (on the pic i stole from her friendster), i finally found the best place where i could display my writing skills. but what i mean by writing is literally writing, like writing a grocery list, writing an email, writing answers to exams... so don't expect much literary skills or some artistry on my writings. and expect WRONG SPELLINGS, GRAMMARS, SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION, or whatever technical term for those.

as far as my writing career, my early stints on it was way back in my student life - like answering essay questions during exam. by the way, i'm a psych graduate so i was used to answering essay exams, and there's a true or false exams where you have to explain your answer and even the multiple choices (weird teachers! can't they be more kind?). that's all i can say about my writing experience.

by the way, i'll try my best not to use txt words (you know the short cut like, r u ok?), i'm fond of it.

now, i can't think of any thing to write. 'til my next entry, i'll try my best to make it a little bitlonger, meatier and more sensible.

by the way, watch out for my photos. i have a feeling that i'm better at photo journal. i need to have visual aids to get the words out of my mouth.

hi reynold! don't forget to post my excerpts on my coming book! and, thanks for playing the song i like while finishing this entry. i miss you by boyz2men. i'll post reynold's pic later so you'll have an diea how he looks.

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witchy tsai said...

so, my pwetty picture is in your journal...huh!! hehehehe i look so good with the blanket by the homey!! i miss you roseee and i miss miggy too..also the big man are you guys holding up???let's get together sometime,......