Nov 25, 2004


my manito is JUNICO ARANCO! =)))

i don't like it much when i get to pick a boy. because it's just so hard to get a gift for them plus boy stuffs can be more expensive. i definitely can't afford some cd games, computer accessories, or car accessories.

some gift ideas for junico:

1. comb
2. cap
3. scented candles?

by the way the budget is P100.00. how's that?


about the COMB

i googled about comb and here's what i found:

"There's only one touch-up tool that a man with class should shove in his back pocket, and that's a comb." (source:,2823,s1-7-0-0-636,00.html)

it made me think that comb is the perfect gift. a nice one it should be!

metal comb (picture) for $ 10.00. sheesshhh, roughly P500. you think scented candle is a better idea? =)))

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