Nov 25, 2004


a lot of my friends told me that huggies is no good and don't even try it. i even come across a review that it's the worst diaper of the year. but still i find a lot of good reviews regarding huggies product.

since i get bored with the pampers diaper, i bought a small pack of HUGGIES OVERNITE. note that huggies comes in different variants (i already forgot their different names). well, i opted to buy the most expensive so i chose the huggies overnite.

aesthetically, i like it because it has drawings all over. well, i guess that's the only thing what i like about the product. it does it work however, it tends to leak in the long run especially when it is pooed.

following are what i don't like about it:
1. the feel is so plastic
2. it's not so breathable especially on the waistband part, so baby would get hot and sweaty. - this is what really turns me off with this product
3. as i mentioned before, it's chances of leaking is high
4. it's so expensive, i think it's more expensive than my all-time favorite diaper pampers baby dry.

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