Nov 25, 2004


the most innovative product made in the philippines for babies. but, i'm not pretty sure with this statement. though i've seen different versions and brands on the net but i don't think they're available here in philippines. only this chino pino.

chino pino is a reusable/cloth diaper. it works like the good old "lampin" however with a twist on it. it is shaped like those of disposable diapers. so it's pretty easy to use it. goodbye to not-so-safety safety pins becuase it has velcro on it. and, it made changing diaper task so easy and so fast!!!

this is very good especially if you have very "kiat" babies!

the one in the picture is not a chino pino. however, that's how a chino pino looks and function like .

PS: my diaper story here, .

for those who ask, I find Chino Pino in all leading department stores here in Cebu -- SM, Rustans, Gaisano.

a good source for cloth vs disposable diaper:


Tin Mejia-Alcera said...

where can i get this? thanks! :)

joanna martinez said...

same question po as above. thanks

Imee Monte said...

how much is this?

Caye Cabading said...

are you selling chino pino? how much?

rose buenconsejo said...

FYI: you can find this in major department stores. I saw this in gaisano metro, sm, rustans.

Claire Zapico said...

do i still have to use diaper covers for this or leak proof na siya?