Dec 1, 2004

***family day***

last sunday, 112804, was our first ever family malling with just the three of us - i, mark, and our li'l baby miguel. I was a bit unsure of the idea of going out with just the three of us 'cause i don't know if we can hanlde if miguel would get into not-so-good-mood and might be hysterical at the mall. that kind of situation is pretty owkei with me but very much not with mark.

thankfully, everything was owkei. we went to all toy stores for infants. i did not realize, infant's toys can be so pricey! sheessshhh, if only i had money that time, we would be going home with handful of toys in different shapes, sizes, colors! and, i found out that Rustans has the best infant's toy store among the stores in ayala even compared to sm. but, still, i was not able to find that graco bumper jumper. grrrr!!! i don't know what miguel can say about all the toys he saw! he's pretty mindless about them. i bet, it's i who enjoyed the toytrip most!

then we grabbed some burgers and fave fries from McDo. well, miguel was an audience while we were eating. oh, it's also our first time to be in McDo, the 3 of us!

all in all, i think miguel did have a great time because he never displayed any sign of irritation. and, did not ask for some milk. =)))

hope we could do it more and the next time, we must be going home with those toys!!! =)))

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