Dec 29, 2004

my 4-day (christmas) vacation

day 1 friday
we went to SM after lunch (miguel, mark, ng tessie, and maru). miguel was asleep when we arrived at SM so i let him sleep on his stroller while i was hunting around infant's wear section for some red onesies for miguel which he could for christmas. i just left miguel (sleeping in his stroller) in one corner while i busied myself looking for that perfect red suit for him when i heard a baby crying - i thought to myself, "who's baby is that?" when i checked on miguel, he was the crying baby. what-a-mother am i leaving his baby alone.
yes, i do get a red onesies. my first found was another pooh stripes onesies but they don't have it in size M so i opted for another one. it is not a pooh, it has a baby taz instead. and match it with a red baby taz socks too. he really looks cute in them!

day 2 (saturday) IT'S THE CHRISTMAS DAY!
on the eve of christmas, i was the only one awake in the family. miguel and mark were fast asleep despite the loud firecrkackers! actually, i just wait for the clock to strike 12am then i go to sleep.
so when morning came, i was sleepy. sleeping 12 midnight and waking up at 5am because miguel is already up. when miguel took his nappy at around 7am, i also made a quick nap until i went to sleep when i heard miguel cry. so i run to the other room, only to find out miguel fell flat on the floor with his face down. i was reallllyyy scared, i felt myself trembling and miguel was crying hard! so, mark into the rescue. thankfully, he was not badly hurt except for a red mark on his right cheek (what a christmas present)! thank God! it made me think, how precius one's life is. one wrong move, and miguel might not be with us any more (GOD FORBID!).
we attended the 1030am mass.
at noon, we went to SM again for some quick buy. it was mostly mark's buy. i'm glad because miguel would not make a fuss when he's placed in his stroller.

day 3 (sunday)
we attended the 1030am mass. at lunchtime, the whole buenconsejo family had a lunch out courtesy of tatay jokol at grand majestic eat-all-you-can. well, it was a sumptous treat! mmmm, makes me hungry thinking about it!
after lunch, we went to ayala. this time, i bought teether for miguel though he's not teeting yet but he has the habit of sucking, eating, biting any thing that gets near him. and mark chose a red beetle toy for him too. he was pretty active in his stroller. smiling and cooing at strangers even shouting! he did not sleep the whole time.however, in the car on our way home, he finally fell to sleep. mmmm, such a sweety!
by the way, this is the first time that miguel gets to meet his soul mate BOSLEY (my officemate naj's baby)! her family was there too, doing some shopping.

day 4 (monday)
i guess the 3 of us were dead tired for the past 3 days we just stay home whole day except for a quick tour to the groceries. also, i bought a new pooh shoes for miguel.
i also had a self pregnancy test, and it came out negative. it's owkei, as i'm not yet ready to have another baby. miguel is just 4 months and he's quite a handful already.

i just love being mwith my baby all the time!!!

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