Dec 14, 2004

miguel's first try on solid foods!

miguel was supposed to start solid foods on dec 11 as advised by his pedia. however, my mother advised me to "sungil" him first which should ahppen this coming sunday because the moon's position is good (whatever!). my nanay's recipe for sungil:

1. cut out letters that are hard to pronounce (i.e. l, r, s) from mags or newspaper
2. then burn the cut-out letters to ashes
3. boil an egg
4. then mix the ashes and the yellow of the egg.

then, voila! you can now give it to your child as his first solid food. this "sungil" will suppose make your child's communication skill develop faster and better.

so, i said to myself, why not try it and i heard a lot of mothers doing it! but when i told my husband and mother-in-law about it, their reactions were like "are-you-crazy!". my husband was like "are you going to let our son eat a tree (papers are from trees - duh)". but then to myself, there is no harm in trying, right? so, this sunday it should be!

i then get a chance to talk to our very nice HR who happens to be a mother of grown-up children already. and i was surprised, she has no idea about "sungil". i though everybody knows about it. and, she commented that wouldn't it be bad for the baby to ingest the ink from the cut-out letters.and advised me to seek doctor's advice 1st. and, this made me think, yeah right!

i then decided to give miguel his first solid food today! and, i can't wait for sunday, i'm pretty excited so goodbye "sungil"! sorry, nanay! so what if miguel will babytalk first, i don't care! babies who babytalk sound cute to me!

the pedia was good enough by giving us 2 packs of sample Nestle Cerelac, the one without flavor. so, i mixed it with water and voila - here comes miguels first solid food! well, as i imagined it before, it was really a mess! he did open his mouth when i shove the spoon into his mouth then have this look that he was like munching/chewing the food then later on the food just like drip out from his mouth. it was like there is food all over his face - he still looks cute though! i really don't know if the food gets to reach his tummy! and after like 4 or 5 spoons, he starts squirming and whimping so better end the solid-food eating session! =) (i'll post next time a pic of his while aeting.)

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