Dec 17, 2004

SMART PARENTING baby magazine by summit media

please don't confuse it with SMART PARENTING magazine also by summit media.

i was given a free copy of their first release by my baby's pedia. and, for a first-timer mother, it was really such a good read! they do provide practical and applicable advices.

i'm looking for this for quite some time already, and i can't find any store selling it. only SMART PARENTING is what is usually for sale. when i checked the summit media site, it said it's distributed among doctors, nurses, etc and are given free. meaning, i should ask my baby's pedia on our next visit for a free copy.

the only copy i have is the one in the picture which is at the hands of a friend of mine who's also a first-time mother. and, she loves it too and is also on the look out for this.

if someonce could tell me where i could get a copy of this, please do message me!

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