Dec 2, 2004


i'm depreseed.

it must be with the weather.

i don't know but i really feel bad. some big honchos from the office we're going to transfer are coming over here tomorrow for some one-on-one getting-to-know talk with each one of us! and it's like you're expected to wear something presentable. and MY PINAKAKUSGAN WARDDROBES DON'T FIT ON ME ANY MORE! major problem because i definitely cannot afford to do some emergency shopping! and to top it all, my only good shoes, i don't know if it's presentable, is my white (but it's not white really because it's been mudded and dusted for months of not being used) favorite sneakers! buhuhuhuhu...

oh well, the only possible solution i can afford is i'll just wear my best charm! and put a don't-judge-the-book-by-its-cover badge on my sleeves!

tonight, i'll practise flashing my best smile! =))) oh LORD GOD, please
stuff me up with intelligence, wit and humor for tomorrow!

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