May 3, 2011

The Game is Afoot - 4 stages of product life cycle

The Game is Afoot
Marketing teaches us that the life cycle of a product has four stages, each of which corresponds to one group of people in the market:
Early Adopters are risk takers who actually like to try new things.
Pragmatists might be willing to use new technology, if it???s the only way to get their problem solved.
Conservatives dislike new technology and try to avoid it.
Laggards pride themselves on the fact that they are the last to try anything new.
Each stage is very different from the others.  Your ISV might be very successful selling products to Early Adopters, but that doesn???t mean you will have any success at all selling stuff to the Pragmatists.  These are two entirely different groups of customers and reaching them requires entirely different skills.
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Me wonders which stage belongs most of the @tweetitow community.
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