May 20, 2011

Behavior Differences: Facebook vs Twitter vs Foursquare

Then there's the Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Foursquare angle. Users of the three social networks exhibit different behavior and different buying frequency. Foursquare users visit Tasti D-Lite more often than Twitter users, who visit more often than Facebook users, Emerson says.
"They're more mobile, they're more active," he says of the stores' Foursquare users. "We've got a year of results. For whatever reasons, it's pretty clear these location-based mobile customers are out and about more and visiting more often."
Emerson has also found that Foursquare users are younger and more thrifty than Twitter and Facebook users - meaning they spend less per visit. "The Foursquare people are looking to get a deal. Facebook is going to skew older, and Faceook users spend more than Foursquare users. Twitter is in the middle."
This might not be entirely true, but interesting observation.

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