May 8, 2011

happy mother's day ever day

No whining on this post. I was about to whine with migi leaving the house again today to stay with at the MIL's place. He's probably bored to death with this pseudo suburban life where all the kids in the neighborhood have some kind of a strict schedule of socializing and not, of having too polite neighjborhood kids. Nyay, I just whine.

I guess every mother feels lucky with their kids. And, I'm no exception. I feel too blessed to have the most wonderful kids, far from perfect but I won't have them in any other way.

Migi is prolly the most unfeeling/emotionless boy. I won't ever receive a mother's day card from him. I'll probably the last person in his priority list. And, when he's big and grown, he'd probably just come home when he's broke, and homeless. But that's what mothers are for, or maybe just for me. :)

Meg is the annoying, attention-seeker Meg. She's the type of person who always has a say on something, and is not shy from talking back that might come out as being impolite. But then that's what make her Meg, it's probably a sin to change her or any person for that matter. And I guess that's what mothers are for, to be the person where a kid can be who / what she is with - the ugly and the beautiful, especially the ugly.

Mati plays with toy cars and guns, and so with barbies / tinkerbells / cooking mama on DS. He probably got all the lacking emotions of Migi. And, as such he gets all the attention Meg is seeking. I guess of the 3, he's the closest to a poster model kid that I can have. But then I don't like that. All kids deserve to be more than just tailored from what are described in the magazines.

So yes, I do have a happy mother's day every day. And, I guess so the rest of the mothers.


불사하는 펜 said...

happy mother's day to us, rose... i enjoy reading stuff about your motherhood and kids... :)

rose buenconsejo said...

thanks, mel. i can be selfrighteous. Hehe

karenjen ♥ said...

this is a very good post rosee :) columnist na kaau ka...