May 3, 2011


I like being busy. But I think I have too many things to do, it's no longer funny.

* there's a new work which requires much time coz i'm still learning
* then the ideatoki gets a client like real client to which my part is the online social churva marketing. And all those things are new to me. What do i know about marketing. But i'm not supposed to say that because i'm selling myself that i know about it.
* the testing with globelabs api for @tweetitow. i really do not do the hard labor but entertaining the different 'help, Ate. Paano na ang tweet ko ni aaron villaflor?' is so time consuming.
* and my 101 blogs. Girls can not have too many shoes, and so I with blogs.

I'm going crazy. Where should I insert my kids, my mother? Not the husband - he's at fault with a few of those. And oh self, don't bother.

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