Nov 26, 2006

CLOSEYS night-out 2

From the The Outpost, we went to Cebu Doc area to hunt for some internet cafe because we planned to have some conferencevoicechat with Tatz, but sadly gi-indian mi ni Tatz. No, Tatz had to attend to something.

After internetting, actually it was only Liyah nag internet, googling for her 'DOKI CRUSH' and also hunting him sa friendster, we decided to stop over at Bo's. Bo's has this new look now. I noticed almost all of the people there are studying. Why?! The 2nd sem has just started. Medical course must be real hard.

So we chitchat away until Bo's closed which is like 1AM. Huh!

Next month... =) When Tatz left, Liyah and I realized that we need to do this on a monthly basis before everybody is somewhere and unavailable for bonding.

1 comment:

Leah Doris Doria said...

hala, i miss this hahahaa
asa naman atong monthly basis na hangout?huhuhuhuhu