Nov 2, 2006

My New Phone

(Yay, the image is so big!)

My 2-week old phone is busted -- my precious Nokia 1100.

After series of banging and throwing from migi and meg, my old reliable 3315 gave up on me. I was celphone-less for months because I tried to save some moolah for a Motorazr or any phone with a camera. Yes, call me pathetic but I wanted to be cool! Un/Fortunately, after 6 months of saving, I'm only able to afford Nokia 1100. Yeah, is it obvious I don't sound excited? =)

Anyhow, one morning, I woke up to Migi's voice from the bathroom saying Nanay (my mother) many times. I have the same celphone with my mother, maybe that was what Migi meant. When I get to him I saw him dipping my celphone into the pail with WATER! Waahhhh...

After drying the phone, wonderfully, it works! But when I tried to charge it yesterday, it did not charge!!!

It has a one-year warranty though. Will they still accept my phone back and give me something new in return like an orange flip Motorazr?!? Yeay, baratohon ako 1100 but still it's P2T+!!! Gggrrr...

God, please let them honor the warranty! I promise I'll be more grateful to have a cam-less phone!

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