Nov 27, 2006


Just for some conversation, I usually ask Mark 'what if we did not meet?,' 'what if there is no US?,' 'what if I'm the boy and he the girl, would we still choose each other?,' 'what if I get married to one of his male relatives instead?,' stuffs like that.

Mark's usual answers to first 2 question are:
1. I'll finish college and get into masters. (So I should be blamed for his being dropped out?!)
2. I can go abroad or any where I want. (He has a point though.)3. I'll have lots of girls. (Yeah, right!)4. I can do any thing without someone checking on me from time to time. (His main point is he can work all he want, and play all he want and does not need to go home.)5. I'll be rich. (Yeah, right. He only works his ass off and thinks of saving when he has kids already.)6. I'll never get married or have kids so early/soon. (hahahaha. trauma?)
I. I only have 1 answer. If I could not get a pinoy man as a boyfriend to marry me, I'd probably whore myself over the internet and get a foreigner guy. =)


jen cabucos said...

rosie, as if! =) mura dili tika ma-imagine w/ a foreigner though...

rose buenconsejo said...

ngano man? imagine me skinny with gold chains nagkapyot sa papa na foreigner... plus the whole barangay nag sunod2x namo sa ayala... =) sikat! =)

kristine merka said...

:-) makalingaw man jud imo blog oy :-)

rose buenconsejo said...

tenchu tenchu! feel kaau nako. =)