Oct 31, 2006

GYM wanted... BADLY!!!

I'm no longer FAT! I'm OBESE!!! I'm too far away from my dream of having Nicole Richie's body. =(

I decided to really do something now (like this is the nth time decision)! I tried skipping meals and starve myself -- yeah, it worked for like 1-3 days. I tried South Beach diet but I get lost with their suggested menus -- it looks like only Sharon Cuneta, Korina Sanchez and the likes can afford it (yeah, excuses excuses!) I tried exercising -- in my dreams! So now for real, I'm going to go to the gym. Right now, my only 'practical' choice is Holiday Spa for following reasons:
1. Mark is there. I might as well join him.
2. It's somehow the closest to where we live -- 'Lacion. But still, I feel like my travel time will take longer than my gym time.
3. There's no other gym near us. We do have Figura Gym located sa merkado sa 'Lacion -- I checked it out but it's not motivating. There are other 'neighborhood' gyms along the way to Cebu City but never mind...
I'm going to sign up for their 'special' promo and that non-peak hour rate so it would be cheaper. I'll probably would sign up for 3 months (promo thing) -- hopefully this would give me the kick until I get the hang of 'fit' living -- like my day will not be complete without sweating from exercise!!!

Anyhow, I also checked People's Fitness(not sure with the name), it's near Innodata -- recommended by a friend. The place looks owkei, monthly rate is cheap (P450/month) -- if you compared it to Fitness First rate but of course FF has way better place and amenities. I just find it too far. Think again travel time vs. gym time!

I'll check Slimmers World this week. Because I always find them doing aerobics. I want to do aerobics because it's not boring. Though, I don't like the idea of making 'paso2x' sa mall in your gym look. (If you have more info about Slimmers World, please do share.)

But I really wanted to go to Pacquiao's gym. It used to be in Salinas Drive, in JCA building. But they're in JY Mall right now. Mark used to go there, and I like their program but I'm not sure if it's still the same now. Problem is I find it somehow 'tuyoon' na kaayo. Though, if you come to think of it --- JY Mall is not really that far from Holiday Spa. Also, they're inside a mall.

Guys, I'd like to ask some help from you. I hope you can give me some gym suggestions and a little review would be great. Please don't suggest Fitness First to me or any 2T+ monthly-rate gym. I can't afford it. Keep in thought that I live in Consolacion, so please don't suggest some gym in Basak, Pardo.

Please also share any 'thinning' tips -- not necessarily a healthy tip as long as it will bring me back to the FAT level (as I'm obese right now). I BADLY need it. I can already feel my double chin hanging -- it's getting heavier! It's no longer funny!

On the other thought, Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas = FOODS! Maybe, I should postpone my attaining FAT level to next year. It would make a good New Year resolution! Nooooo!!! HELP!!!

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rose buenconsejo said...

wowww!!! thanks a lot for this info, jess. I greatly appreciate it. I'll surely check Xenadu, and your wonderful blog. =)