Oct 2, 2006

doctor doctor i am sick... not really.

The usual scenario when going to the doctor.

Both of them were waiting to be shot in this visit. Migi's next shot will be next summer according to his doctor. Can you hear me say, 'WHAT A RELIEF!!!' Our pockets can rest for some months. With meg, mmmmm... I'm not sure. I know we'll still frequent the doctor for her weight monitor ek ek. Honestly after 2 kids, I'm still not familiar with vaccines/immunizations schedule. I think after 1 year, they will only be boosters. Oh well, it will be still be booster for everything... ggrrrr... And, there's this new vaccine, IPD, every time we visit the doctor would mention/offer which costs like 4t pesoses which I think my kids can live without.

Gawd, checkig my memory. I only knew few vaccines. Flu vaccine which they say is not really necessary but I can't stand kids with fever, cough, colds so I always see to it to have these. Then, the chickenpox which is given after 1st birthday -- I remember this because it's after the 1st bday. And, IPD which is like being offered to me every time we went to the doctor, and which I always reply with a i-can't-afford smile! And, there are series of acronyms -- DPT, HIB, 3 in1, 5 in 1, blah blah blah.

I did promise myself to memorize the vaccines when 1 time we went to a neighborhood doctor because their pedia was out of town or wherever she is. And meg was having coughs and colds and she was still little. Then the doctor asked me what are the immunizations given to the kid, and I just answered with a blank face. Then told her to check the baby book. Then she asked me what is the next schedule shot blahblah blah... and again I had no answer and felt like I'm a very crappy mother which is kinda true. =) It's supposed to be my 2nd kid, I should know already. Whatever... So mothers, do memorize the ABC of vaccines! Well, you'll never know when it'll come handy. Maybe a new mother will ask an advice from you about it. =)

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