Oct 6, 2006

I Want to Be Anorexic

I think that will be my only salvation from having a body of an overdue pregnant.... Make it overdue pregnant whale. Somehow, the baby kay nagawas na 1 year ago but for some reason I still look pregnant, and bloated like a red hot air balloon.

I'm also thinking of bullimic-ness but puke is just gross. And, I'm too lazy to exercise and engage in some healthy diet. And, I'm too poor to get a lipo or do drugs(joke). So can anybody tell me how to be anorexic?!? I'm already tired of being a moby dick dumbo. I wanna be stick-thin for once. Anorexic is the new black. I wanna be Nicole Richie!!!


Therese Habana said...

duha na ta! im on my nth trimester...

jen cabucos said...

rosie, count ur least dili ka food deprived...i can't imagine u pod na anorexic or bulemic...laU ra sa imo image...=)