Oct 14, 2006

Road trip thoughtsies

The last time I'd been home in Badian was last Christmas which is like 10 months ago. Dugaya na oy! Last Wednesday we go down south as it's my nanay's birthday. Nalipong jud ko for the 1st time. I think for the past 10 months, it's my longest road trip ever. How boring! Anyhow, these are some of my thoughts:

1. SRP is such a treat. It can save you 1 hour of travel time.

2. I can say the road is not really impressive but at least it's improved. Though after Badian, I have no idea unsa na'y hitsura sa dalan. Is it because of the upcoming ASEAN Summit? Gwen Garcia? Anyhow, I think Gwen deserved to be acknowledged for this.

3. There were some people cleaning the road sides when we passed by. We then knew that Arroyo was going to be in Badian the following day. Any connection?
4. Still, the most beautiful scene ever for me, in going down to Badian, is still the Rogelio's place in Barili -- the one where you have an overview of the sea. I don't know unsa tinood name for that place. But that used to be or still is the the garage of Rogelio bus line.

(it says, 'a postcard you can walk right into...' ---> catchy??)

5. Road to Basdako, Moalboal is now 'concrete' all the way.
6. Basdako in Moalboal now has an entrance of P5/person and a parking fee of P30. And, cottage of P150 -- not really that bad.
7. But I find the place dirty. Why? I still remember when there were just 5 cottages there, and kasagbutan ra the rest. That was beautiful. Anyhow, basin we're not just lucky at that time. Basin wa sila kabawo nga moabot si Arroyo. =) Still it's 'lami.' The waves are quite 'big' when we were there, the sea was rather unfriendly. The waves reminded me of the surfers in Liloan,

8. P10/person japon entrance sa Kawasan. Going up to Kawasan is now a lot easier, the concrete mini bridges and all. Though, up to 1st Falls ra mi. Naay natagak na dako na bato on the way to 2nd falls so not safe. It's kinda have that commercialized aura but at least the place is clean. I remember back then every summer, hasta kapila ko mag balik2x sa kawasan kay every time naay bisita moabot, adto jud kawasan. When I get older, up to Tubod na lng ko moadto (no entrance fee pa). =) And, now Tubod is already commercialized -- it's now called Children's Spring(?). Waaahhh... The parking fee is P50 --- anyhow, they say it's for the church.

(I think everybody knows or have been to Kawasan, so I'm not going to waste any multiply space for that.)

9. Any where, usual scenario is oldy foreigner with their teeny weeny very young pinay mate, or pinoy mate.

(Can you spot the couples in here?)

11. Don't forget to stop by at Shamrock.

10. I think that's it for now.

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