Oct 13, 2006

Outsourced Support talking to another Outsourced Support

I work as a customer support for a US company. All the members of the customer support are all home-based, some are from Philippines and mostly are from Argentina.

We were having problems with our phone lines the day I was absent. (We are using Vonage for our VOIP.) Anyhow, they found out that removing my number from the simulring list solved the problem. So my manager, based in Argentina, instructed me to call Vonage support so they can check on my number. Honestly, I don't know what to say to the vonage tech support. As first I don't care much how to set-up this thingy. Just for the sake of it so I called.

Anyhow, I know my call will be directed somewhere around the world. I was really hoping to be directed to a callcenter in Philippines. First, I was received by an American accented support who keeps asking for the billing address or else no assistance. Ggrrrr, that freaking SOPs. I gave him all the info except for that billing address. Anyhow, as if not almost all of my friends and even I are in call center so I understand. By the way, we don't have SOPs regarding taking calls so I'm kinda ggrrr about it.

After I got info of billing address, I called vonage again. This time, I was received by a somewhat Latino accented support. He sounded a lot like my Argentinians workmates. So I asked him where he's located, and he confirmed he's from Buenos Aires. Isn't it funny circle of life, my manager is from Argentina and I'm received by a Argentinian tech support? He told me that vonage also have tech support in Philippines. I was really wishing I would be directed to a Filipino tech support so I could just blah in tagalog or bisaya. I don't care about recording the call for monitoring. heheheh My manager could have talked to him instead, and they could speak in Spanish and understand each other better. After some talking with the John, tech support, you know the usual change in settings blahblah... He promised to call us to test our line. And before he put the phone down, he has this Thank you for calling blahblahblah --- so callcenterish.

I just find it funny that a support is calling another support. And, we know that all lines we are talking are somewhat scripted. Please, no pun intended.

So when I received his call, I saw from our logs that his number is listed as TELEPERFORMANCE. So vonage customer support is handled by Teleperformance. We do have Teleperformance here in Philippines right? I think there's one in Bacolod. Then, he asked me if I'm interested with their other products -- so callcenterish again. Anyhow, I told him my account is company provided and I'm penniless. Then, again before he hung up, he said his goodbye spiel again --- Thank you for calling blahblah...

Do you have any idea how to be directed to a Philippine callcenter?

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