Jul 12, 2013

PTA Meeting

Migi is already in grade 3. He started in his school now when he was 5yrs. He's now going 9yrs old. So he probably have stayed in this school for 4 years.

And, maybe in every school year, I would attend 1 or 2 school meetings.

In the last PTA meeting, I was glad there was no longer discussion about car parking woes. Because seriously, I found it so superficial.

Discussion moved on to about the new subject "mother tongue" and parents complaining about too much assignments. I kind of agree with "too much assignments" but I don't agree with their reason that they, mothers, could no longer cope up with helping their kids in their assignment. Hello?!?

If you have a glimpse of the human resource power in a company, seriously, as much as possible, you definitely want to avoid having this kids raised with that kind  of parents, despite all the A's in their grades.

And, I realized that though the concerns changed, from car parking woes to too many assignments, the complainants are the same set of people. Yes, that mother who complained about mother tongue was the same mother who complained about the time or the costume of their kids' activity in another meeting, or their kids' scores in exams. 

Sometimes, I could not help but ask if they're sincere or they just need attention?!? I guess there are just people who are like that. 

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