May 7, 2013

Do piss-hy

My writing is like much my running. Aside that, both have no forms; they both left me so spent after. But still i won't have them in any other way.

Both could really take much of me, that I would end up so spent after finishing any of the two.

So after knowing that the story I was supposedly making for Olango Challenge as a way to promote it could not be published, I totally felt spent. No more energy to do other things. (Maybe i'll just make use of my time doing Help posts.i It does not take much emotions.)

Just like the last post i made, it was such a sucker post. I hate it. I felt it was the epitome of mediocrity. But i just had to publish it to close the circle, so I can finally move on.

I mean just like runs, most of them are really bad runs. It's a rare to get that one epic run where everything feels good and satisfying. But to get that epic run, you just have to go thru do all those pointless shitty runs.

So yeah, more cringe-y stories from me to come! :)

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