Jun 5, 2013

Is it Netherlands or Holland?

So what's the official name of the country of Amsterdam? Is it Netherlands or Holland?

I just kind of thought of it, which felt a bit stupid as Mark has been doing stuff for that country for some time already; I should know about it by now.

Anyhoo, I'm creating a post for it for keepsake just so I would know and everyone knows that after 33 years of existence, finally Mark John has gone to a country that requires some amount of documents just to get a visa to center.

Has been life different? I think our life is still the same. It's still the same "risky" unstable life like from the start.

I guess the difference now is that I cannot be so vocal about my whining about how risky and unstable our life. And, I cannot loudly say my husband is so stupid for getting a CEO title. I mean I don't want to scare the families of his workmates, in case they would come across my blog.

CEO is not something new in our life. Mark always comes up with whatever position / labels he could add to add to his name. I think he even called his self worse, like "visionary." Feeling Steve Jobs. (Note: Anyone can be a CEO. You can do it in linkedin. If you want a more official one, you can register some business name at DTI and you can make yourself CEO of it. No need to be in some Korean-novela kind of life.)

But I guess it's different when he was CEO over a group of innocent college friends, and the CEO now. Whatever decisions he made before will only affect like 2 or 3 people who did not really know they're already affected.

Now, it's different. And, I can't even freely whine about it. Knowing myself who loves to puke my gut out empty on every little things without any privacy setting, it's like biting my tongue always. Like I cannot say that hey, it's stupid to bank our security on a company. But good news is that security is in our hands.

Can I say how I wish this CEO thing would be over on a positive note the soonest?!? I want my programmer back!

So yes, back to his very first farthest trip. It's hard to get excited about it, when I know that there's that pressure for it to have a positive outcome.

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