Jun 10, 2013


I think I haven't done any grateful cheery posts for the longest time. And, I feel I'm such a drama queen. I guess the thing is the most I feel writing down is when I'm confused or down in the dumps. Thus, my blog posts look like I hate the world.

Anyhoo, I'm thankful for my babies. Damn, I'm the luckiest to have them all dirty, bratty, smelly, loud, that only a mother like me could love them to bits.
from meg's blog (my most favorite blog post in the WWW forever and ever)
For having a bit of an odd family. I guess, I have to accept that this family would not qualify for a magazine cover.

For the gift of running. I will never be fast or efficient or a strong runner. But running has given me more than those, I could not ask for more. =)
For a not-so-rosy path of life. Because it always pushes us, to dig deeper, to think beyond, to weed out, and to accept life as it is.
For gift of friendships, offline and online, and acquaintances, and in betweens. 
photo from stacey cardoso
Photo from G Runners
It's been a long time for this people to be in this kind of photo op. We'll be posting a story of this run soon in =)

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