Sep 26, 2014

Write to Bleed

Talked with Dennis yesterday, and he noticed that I'm not writing much. Yes, I feel guilty about it big time. I haven't write much on that is not selling. I totally miss doing that long writing which probably only I who read it because it's too long, and it's probably only I who cares about it,

But I have not stopped writing actually. I have been writing and writing and writing, except that they're not posted online, here,, or, or wherever my spammy sites are.

I have been writing sponsorship packages, sponsorship letters, permit letters to Mayor, all-sorts of letter to different LGU offices, schools / teachers / principals, to barangay offices, to memorial garden office, to whatever. I have been writing event schedules, PR kits, promotional / hard-selling kind of writings.

Then, after I write all those writings, I physically delivered them to different offices, talked to different heads and whatnots, getting their approval on what I wrote. I faxed them to all different businesses on my list, call them, follow-up for the "writing" I sent them.

SO I have not stopped writing, only not for pleasure this time.

So now back to writing a whole-year event / marketing schedule, as a prelude to another bunch of write-ups for proposals. @.@

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