Sep 28, 2014

Kudos Night: What's An Ultimate Dream?

It was the 2nd kudos night, but my first time to attend. They reformatted it, which made me think what was the original format of Kudos night then? 

Anyhoo, it was enchanting. :)

I'd seen / listen to Paolo perform a few times already. But it was my first time to see Poy performed with his guitar.

Fred talked about his dream of "travelling" and living it, and his or, 
and his beautiful hometown Kibawi.
 I know Fred has been travelling a lot. But i did not know it was a "life goal" of him.

Ara showed her photos and travel and travel photos, and her little feet. I know Ara is into photography and video and travel and video, but I did not know that they are some sort of her "life goals or
Dreams" or some things she is passionately deep into.
And the My Dragon Eats Cat Food, Stacey and Karen, was the last to perform. I kinda saw them perform every now and then. And, though i probably am not a legit music critic, but wow, they are just a lot way better than before!!! They're like the living proof of 10,000 hours of practice. I guess the more amazing thing about it is how do these 2 find time to gather 10k hours of practice?!? You can follow how they pile up hours after hours of creating/producing/performing music at facebook/twitter/instagram etc, just search mydragoneatscatfood.

The Kudos Night made me think, "so what is my ultimate goal or dream?!?" What is my 10k hours of?!? 

Well, this year's resolution was / is make more mistakes. I'm not sure if I still have the juice for my goals: being able to sponsor a team of athletes, help a product of a local tech startup go mainstream, and the fancy goal of making Cebu a major adventure / sporting / running destination. And, lately, i fancy of making a marketing firm for local SME's. But at the back of my mind, am i willing to spend 10k of my hours on these?

How about lounging on a hammock at some beach with a book and coffee? Wait, i'm not really a beach person. Maybe prancing from one mountain to another? How can I achieve these? 

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