Mar 1, 2007


i just realized that i need to see different breeds of doctorsss this friday.

1. OB-GYNE - i'll accompany migi's ate mona for check-up. she's pregnant. she had some tummy pains last week, and her doctor told her that she 'might' have ectopic pregnancy but it's too early to confirm. so i'll bring her to my OB for 2nd opinion.

2. INTERNALIST(?) (internal medicine doctor) - for my nanay's scheduled check-up. she had a stroke 4-5 years ago thus constant monitoring. i don't want to go through that again but it did give me some reality check and let me examine my relationship with God.

3. PEDIATRICIAN - i just remember she's due for another immunization shot. it's DPT-Polio-Hib booster according to her baby book. sheyks, i think this is the most expensive shot (aside from that iPD which i'm not buying) among the shots. =( and, i need to buy a notebook because migi and meg's babybooks are already 'puno.'

so we'll be jumping from one clinic/hospital to another -- Chong Hua (nanay), Velez (ate mona and meg). and, i hate waiting in line. =(


mimi herrera villaruel said...

you didn't get the immunization against IPD?

the internal med doctor is an internist rose :)

rose buenconsejo said...

no, mims. i find it tooo expensive. and, i cant afford it in the 1st place. =( it's being offered by their pedia as 4T/shot... and then 3 times pa... then i have 2 kids. d carry. =)

mimi herrera villaruel said...

ana sad to akong feeling nya i'd think nga syaro sad maigo akong baby ana nga sakit but then again hadlok sad ko. i heard lesser dose kung more than 1 year old na or something.

claire guerrero said...

hi rose,

my bb got his bcg, dpt, polio and hep sa health center. free re man xa, tanan shots. unta ka if ul go there. para Hib na lang and IPD sa pedia...daghan baya gastos for a growing baby...ambot lang kaha sa lacion health center, i had mine ngado sa place namo sa city

rose buenconsejo said...

good 4u, mims. suya ko. if only, i'd love to get this too. pero i can only afford it for 1 kid. unfair sa usa. para fair, wa na lng silang 2. =) heheheh

have u seen the ad sa newspaper about this shot? si donna cruz and her baby girl gali ang naa sa ad... bsta sthing nga nasakit iya baby sa sakit nga i-prevent sa shot... scary jud.

rose buenconsejo said...

actually, silingan ra namo ang health center sa lacion. =) i didnt bother to check man gud sa health center... nya naanad na lng ko sa pedia, mao nga hangtod karon sa pedia ila shots.

mimi herrera villaruel said...

i also had the "basic" immunizations at the health center nya kung unsa toy wala sa ila, sa pedia na ni marti.

no, i didn't see that ad. i learned about that IPD thing from the pedia and i really saved up for it cos marti's a preemie baby. feeling nako mas grabe iyang need i-protect.