Mar 5, 2007

meg 1 year and 6 months check up

aside from her being more maldita, more reckless, more hyperactive, she gained weight. she's now 10.5 kgs. her pedia happily announced she has a weight of 1 year old and 3 months. well, at least she gained weight. part of me is happy that she's not fat. my nanay said i was underweight when i was a kid. but all i can remember is that i'm always overweight. =) so i'm sure, meg will soon pick up with her weight. (obese parents breed obese kids proven by studies)
2. her words are still limited to 1 syllable, and usually they end with a vowel
shu - shoes
tu - water
ba - babath/ligo
jaja - jollibee/barney
titi - milk
am - eat
slai - slide; her most fave activity
wash - wash; refers to wash bobot.
lo - hello; refers to telephone/celphone
bo - ball
ta - star
there are more but these are what you mostly can hear from her

after the shot was given and small chitchat with the pedia, we bolted out from the clinic as fast as i can before meg would mess up the pedia's office. the pedia has these toys inside her office thus meg was constantly kicking her while she's doing the SOP stuffs.

next month again. this time, the flu thingy. =) endless.

(so so so me. i can see myself in her not only physically. it's eerie. it's like, i know what you're thinking kiddo. especially when she throws fits.)


Ashley Icamen said...

yep, i see you in her..
physically =)

nina lorraine said...

oh yeah she is so you alright! ;)

aubrey n.. said...

haha watch out!!!