Mar 2, 2007

same old boring issue i've been obsessing lately

about tax and stuffs... owkeis, i really took time to sit down and talk
to a friend's mother who is a bookkeeper to know more about taxes and
stuff. fyi: occupational tax does exist. anyhoo, the ending of the
story is that if the declared salary, minus exemptions, would amount to
P250,000, the annual tax will be P50,000. on top of that, there's a
3%/monthly which i don't remember what's that for because i was already
dumbfounded with the P50,000.. i need to declare a big monthly salary
to get a big loan. this made me think:
* just declare a small salary just to get started.
* i might just skip the ITR chuva, and save that P50,000. and forget the pag-ibig loan. but i don't trust our saving skills.
* check housing loans of banks. ITR is still a requirement but i guess that can be work-around.
it maybe better for me to just go back working for a typical normal
company, and leave that ITR chuva to the HR. though, my salary would
not be big but at least i don't have to go through whatever BIR
blahblah just to prove that i can pay!
* or, we can rent forever. =)

me wants badly to be gretchen bareto! =)

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