Feb 20, 2007

i'm not a girl (xx)


1. i don't know how to make-up, not even lipstick.

2. i don't own a make-up kit, not even lipstick. i have chapstick though.

3. the coolest fashion ensemble i can think of is jeans, shirt, and
sneakers. for me, it's formal, casual, party dress, sunday dress.
please understand that i'm not being rude when i come to your formal
party in jeans. it's the bestest outfit in my closet.

4. i don't have a dress in my closet. except for my maternity dresses.

5. bryanboy and gretchen barreto are the fashion icons i only know. and, i'm not sure if they're really icons.

6. i don't do my nails -- pedicure, manicure. i don't feel comfy having
someone cleaning my toenails. the only time i got to do this was during
my wedding day. =( me hide of shame.

7. but i love to go to the parlor for my hair though. except that i want them short.

8. i don't understand why they call purse as purse when they look like bags to me.

9. i don't understand why girls must have dozens of bags in every
colors. and, why do girls have those small bags which i think are
called purse when you can fit hardly anything into it.

10. i don't understand why girls make a fuss of matching underwears.

11. i love shoes. but choosing between strappy sandals and sneakers. sneakers it is!

12. i don't understand why it takes ages for girls to dress up.

13. i don't have accessories/jewelries.

14. i don't have hole in my ear/ear hole for earrings.


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