Feb 28, 2007

Friendster and such

before i became a multiply fan, i was a friendster loyal. but nowadays, i rarely open my friendster account. maybe once a month, i visited it to check on my friends. it's usually thru friendster i get to be updated about my friends, acquaintances. it's thru friendster:

* i'd learn that such and such got hitched because of the wedding pictures posted on their account.
* such and such split with bf/gf because the status is single and you no longer see the boy/girl in the pictures posted.
* 2 people are in a rocky relationship because status is complicated
* such and such is now into a relationship or such and such has new bf/gf again because of the pictures
* such and such has now kid or kids because all the pictures posted are of their kids (like me)
* such and such is now working in abroad because of those pictures posing in some place that does not look like philippines
* such and such had vacation abroad or went to that resort (and, i'm greening with envy looking at their pics)
* such and such is now in a new company

such and such many surprises... =)


nina lorraine said...

hehehe same here.. plus the fact that friendster is blocked here sa office. but i usually check it out to see whats up with friends. but i love multiply, mas personal. ;) pangshow man kaau ang friendster gud! ;)

aubrey n.. said...

i'm loving multiply, really.. unlimited man gud ang posting sa photos. hehe and yes, i agree.. mas personal.. you can choose who to share this blog with or these pictures with.. nahan kow.. :)

aubrey n.. said...

bitaw sad rosie, maka shock ang from "in a relationship" to "its complicated" or "single" ba..!! haha

jen cabucos said...

me too! mas nice ang multiply & makalingaw read sa mga blogs...=) aside sa naka-block pod friendster diri sa office...
i only check friendster mga twice or once a month para ma-update (translation: mang-chismis, hehe...) sa mga life sa mga friends2x...

Ashley Icamen said...

i was never that much of a friendster fan in the first place..
i find it too superficial..
i agree with nina, mas personal gyud ang multiply..
plus, uploading photos sa friendster sucks!
the stupid process takes too long!
way better gyud ang multiply on that aspect alone..
multiply all the way ko..
if not for bian, i wouldn't be a friendster member, hehehe..

narki manson said...


ako, at home naku sa multiply kay mas chui pa sa freidnster!

dax macaraya said...

same here.. di na ko tig-friendster ^^

swerver swerver said...

my case, i still open friendster as often as i'd get to open multiply.
all classes and denominations of my friends and friend-friend are there ma gud so really dont have much choice.

it's really the bandwagon presently, and WE HERE the growing few are supposed to be the obscure readers..
so try as i might, i ask some of my friends and friend-friend to start up multiply accounts themselves.

hail multiply! down with friendster! blaze the glory!

c h i k i i said...

mas nindot ang multiply!!! way kalupig

N| |!| |K . said...

Friendster has gone from dull to lame... especially when you're trying to stalk-- umm... i mean, search for old friends... =P

c h i k i i said...

hahaha that's a perfect way to describe it!