Feb 15, 2007

my vday/review

for the 7 going on 8 years of us being together, i never receive flowers/chocolates/balloons/any cutesy stuffs from mark. i may not be into those stuffs but who would not feel giggly and excited and special to receive those. anyhoo, that's mark. so to save myself from being frustrated and broken-hearted, i stop looking forward to it. =)

this valentines, i still don't get those cutesy stuffs. anyhoo, we went to the tinderbox -- my treat. if it's about eating out, no questions ask, he'd say YES! it was not really a date because we had a company. but it's some kinda special because it's my first time. my first time in the tinderbox. =) well, i wanted to try it a long time ago but i always get intimidated with the place. we had steak (which they say their specialty), lingua, and some fish, and some appetizer, and some chocolate moist cake. i'd say beehive has still the best steak though it was long time ago i was there. while mark and ador keeps saying nothing beats godfather of roma pizza (or pizza roma?), i don't know why they're comparing the two. and, their chocolate moist made me miss dessert factory's. =) all in all, the place is not for me or i'm just not for the place. =)

and the day ended with a fight. =) because i can't help but ask mark again about the flowers and chocolates on our way home... hahahahha! bleeehhhh...

so how did your vday go? =)


nina lorraine said...

hahaha amaw! ;) ako gyud i wore a red blouse, black pants and my esprit pumps with red trimmings and red heart detail [which is soo fit for vday! =p] and after my chinese classes went to have my hair cut.It doesnt mean that because i had no date i cannot dress up for Vday! haha =p
but really all of BTC was full of people! and there was fireworks i think in marco polo. and rare kaau ang taxi! Goodness! for such a commercialized and overrated event i never thought so many still believes in it so much.. heheh ;)
oh and i got a flower from my manager too.. haha all her girl TLs got one..;) hehe

aubrey n.. said...

we went to tinder box last year sad for v-day dinner rosie! pina surprise style pa gyud. we got engaged the day after. =)

aubrey n.. said...

i don't have any review yet for v-day.. it's not over here yet. he comes home from work at 11:30pm so i have a few more hours to be excited as to what he'd get for me aside from that supposed gameboy. hehe

불사하는 펜 said...

see my latest pics uploaded here at multiply and you'll know...anyway, im still on a group date so... =D

Alice Juinio said...

Happy vday pud ninyong rose pag-anad anad na lang ing-ana gyud nang mga lalaki Day.
But just to let you know bisag ing-ana na sila I am sure they still love their wives.
Kuyaw kaayo na ug magdala ug chocolate ug flowers...naa nay sala nga nabuhat....hehehehehe

N| |!| |K . said...

Hehehe. It wouldn't be fun without an LQ. =) That's how it is. In the end, it's not about the differences, but what's very important is how two people share the same things together. Like that infamous captain said: "What would the world be like without Captain Hook?"


Sad to say, people who are not on the same brainwave frequency we are in would never understand this, no matter how hard they try. Just sharing from experience.