Feb 26, 2007

migi's obsession -- TRUCK

i was watching TV and they were playing with the wooden blocks after dinner. after some time, migi excitedly ran to me and said, 'mama, truck. mama, truck.' i really did not get what he meant until he tried to drag me to the truck he made out from the blocks. i was kind of happy/excited/awed. many times, he'd pile the blocks and would declare that it's a building, pusil/gun, airplane, truck, bike, lizard, spider, house or any thing that fancies him at the moment but it's just this time that by chance/luck the blocks he piled resemble a bit to a truck. =)

God, it's the best truck model i've ever seen in my whole life.
soweee, can't help it. =)


aubrey n.. said...

proud mom c rosie..=) how old is migi?

불사하는 펜 said... sure is... =D nice having to read about your kids... maka-inspire! hehehe!

nikki & mYta said...

just cant believe how creative they can be.. our baby nico barely speaks but he knows wt he wants.. he loves trucks and guns as well as bikes.. and when he sees something he likes, he turns to you w/ the mischeivous smile and puppy eyes.. then dragging u to play w/ him.. :) hehehe

N| |!| |K . said...

The force is strong with that kid. =)

Soon he will learn to use the force... and the energy that surrounds us... and binds us.

That, and he'll either make you buy him a brand new 2015 Mitsubishi Strada MX or a 2016 Nissan Frontier XL. =))